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product arrow Mimix Naga Jump 50

Price Rp 110.000 Beli
Naga Jump 50

Traditionally, Jumper lures are not designed & created with any detailing, textures or irregular shapes, that’s because jumper lures required a hydro-dynamic shape in order to “jump”.

With a new break-through and new innovation from MIMIX, we introduced another great jumper lure that is completely designed with full body textures and irregular shapes that totally different from all jumper lures that found in the market.

MIMIX – Naga Jump 50 is a great jumper that is distinctively designed to be as life-like as snake.

This whole new breed of “Jumper” is equipped with rubber skirts and extra strong double hook.

With the unique shape and perfect jump action, Naga Jump 50 brings you a whole new level of experience jumper lure fishing.

Recommended actions:

  • Straight retrieve
Weight  10.0 g.
Length 50 mm.
Hook  2/0
Weed Guard  Yes