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product arrow Mimix Skipper 50

Price Rp 100.000 Beli
Color Skipper 50

Sometimes when you’re out fishing in the environment where the fishing pressure is high or over-fished environment, you will noticed that fishes becoming more cautious and less attracted to the lure’ action.

The MIMIX – Skipper 50 is designed and created to give you the advantage over this kind of situation, the Skipper 50 produces very subtle “Jump” action that won’t scare the fish of.  Instead of producing loud “jump” action, this lure produces wide and high water splash that visually more attractive to fishes in the over-fished environment.

The MIMIX – Skipper 50 can be use with low to extremely high retrieve speed.  With the perfect weight, this lure gives you the desire long casting distance.

The Skipper 50 also equipped with good quality weed guard that virtually make it “snag-proof”, so fishing in the weedy condition is no longer a problem with Skipper 50.

Recommended actions:

  • Straight retrieve (Low-High speed)
Weight 12.0 g.
Length 5.0 cm.
Hook 2/0
Weed Guard Yes